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“I went in for an Ashiatsu massage with Amy Myers–it was incredible! It was so relaxing–I even fell asleep halfway through…I highly recommend her!”
Carly C.

“Amy was kind, professional, and incredibly relaxing. She listened to me and worked on all my special kinks. I couldn’t believe she could so acutely work on me with her feet. Amazing! “
Nadia B.

“I had a massage with Amy Myers yesterday and let me just say it was incredible! I had ashiatsu which is a type of massage where she applies pressure with her body weight while supporting herself from bars anchored to the ceiling. What thus woman can do with her feet is amazing!!! And don’t worry she cleans them before starting. Highly recommend!”

“Amy gives great massages. I have been utilizing her as a massage therapist for a long time and she does wonderful deep tissue work. I actually fall asleep every time I get one. Treat yourself, you will be glad you did!”
Dale M.

“By far, the best massage I get in Austin. I see her regularly and would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Blake H.

"Amy is a great massage therapist who knows what she is doing. Pressure was right, massage hurt just right, and afterward I felt better. As good a massage as I have ever had and I have had many.”
Don L.

all fixed! i go in with this or that issue and come out all fixed. Amy is amazing and likely the best masseuse I have gone to. the ashiatsu is crazy good.

"Amy Myers is a skilled massage therapist with nearly a decade worth of experience. She gave me my first ever massage and talked through how the appointment would go, making me feel at ease."
Claire A.

“I usually do a more traditional massage, which is always so wonderful. You can tell that Amy is very intuitive with her work, and that makes all the difference for me. I want to know that a massage therapist is really feeling what’s happening, and not just giving a massage.”
Jen H.

"Best massage ever. Whether its Ashiatsu or Deep tissue…always wonderful. I always go in super stressed and leave without any kinks. Amy is awesome!”
Melissa C.

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