Customer Reviews

Thank you to all who have taken the time to tell me what you think

"Amy is great. Just what I needed. My husband has been to her and knew that I'd love an appointment. Will be back. Highly recommend. I especially like the fact that she really understand how the body works and is able to find exactly the points that needed to be worked on the most. I always want deep tissue work and she does it in a way that I wasn't sore. Just feel more open."

Suzanne R.

"Amy knows how to relieve migraines. Highly recommended. Excellent head, neck, shoulder and foot massage."


"Amy has a very warm and healing energy. In addition to a very healing massage, she gave me good advice on how to work on my issue myself. She is awesome."

Arnold Estrada

"Amy Myers - my masseuse - was so kind and ready to help. I was nervous but she made me relax. Best massage I've ever had."

Zach Muhn

"Amy does an amazing job. She is very thorough and helps my body and muscles stay healthy to keep me active! I would highly recommend getting a massage. "

Kat B

"The experience with kneading bodies was amazing. I have never liked massages very much, but wow was the couple's class awesome!"


Would give her 6 stars if possible
"I have been going to see Amy for years, and she is amazing. Some LMTs know great techniques, some have great intuitive touch, but Amy has both. Her deep tissue massage is the best! Highly recommend. Go see her and tell all your friends, you will not be disappointed!"


Great hands and soothing experience
"Amy's deep tissue massage was the perfect balance of "work" and relaxation. My muscles felt kneaded and released...and my mind felt quiet. The studio is lovely, and the little touches of aromatherapy, eye mask, etc., made me feel pampered. Highly recommend!"

Jessica D

Best Massage!
"Amy is amazing and my ashiatsu massage was the best I've ever had. I am a dancer and climber with some serious knots and this was perfect. I highly recommend!"

Lauren P

A healthy outlook
"Having a demanding hobby like aerial silks means listening to your body carefully. Sometimes, it asks for help which can't be readily self-rendered. Amy knows the performing body well, and helped me begin a better process for keeping myself tuned up. I highly recommend her!"

John D

"Amy is wonderful. She really listens to what is needed for the massage to be the best ever. Her products, especially, the Pit Stop Deodorant, are amazing!"


A most relaxing joy
"Amy is very intuitive, talented and an artist at regular massage and deeper work with her dancer's feet- she's a master! She also makes marvelous homeopathic massage butters. A fantastic value for what she charges. "

Kate W

"Amy's massage is amazing. She knows exactly how much pressure to apply for both therapy and relaxation. Also, she is so thorough in getting to each area that needs attention. Afterwards I felt relaxed, yet energized. Just a wonderful overall feeling of healing! "

Kim W

Best massage ever!
"This massage experience was outstanding from start to finish. The room was comfortable, music relaxing and Amy was professional and personable. She asked great questions to give just the right amount of pressure and attend to problem areas. The Ashiatsu was great- Amy's technique and quiet movements allowed me to relax and enjoy the unique pressure and movement along my back and legs. I highly recommend Amy at Kneading Bodies. "

Kathy Kilen

First appointment
"This was my first appointment and I enjoyed the massage very much. My shoulder feels much better and I plan to make another appointment so Amy can work on me some more."

Emily Lee

Massage Service
"I was very pleased with the service. Would highly recommend .The deep tissue was very helpful dealing with the pain in my back. "

Kip Lewis

Amy is the best!
"I'm feeling a million times better since seeing Amy. The location is very cool and relaxing and she's super nice"

Zach Shifrin

ashiatu is like being in heaven
"The reviews for this place should be a 10 star! Seriously, my upper back to my neck was hurting badly due to working out and sitting down 5 days a week at work. Amy did a fantastic job introducing herself to me and asking me about my health/soreness. The ashiatsu massage is a must for all people. She got into every inch of my back. I encourage everyone to get a massage. It's good for your health and stress level. I'll definitely be back here again. Thank you, Amy! You're great at what you do."


Amy is the best!
"Amy has an amazing skilled, intuitive, healing touch. Her ashiatsu is amazing as well. Highly recommended."


Great Experience!
"Amy has a great presence. She is calm and confident, and it shows in her work. The massage was relaxing as well as productive - I could feel the knots in my back loosening up. I will definitely be returning!"

Jonas White

Ultimate relaxation
"Amy was wonderful and was recommended by a friend who was really impressed by her work. Asked me before starting what areas I wanted to focus on and really helped alleviate some of my back pain. She was very accommodating and I hope to be back soon "

Stephanie L

I go every week, its that good.
" Amy is a gifted massage therapist, a positive energetic person, and reliably awesome. I have made Wellness Wednesday massage therapy part of my and my daughter's weekly routines for better living- totally worth it!"

Kate W

Best ever!
"Amy's massages are always relaxing and effective! The office is so calming and comfortable, and Amy always listens well, makes you feel comfortable, and is just a cool human! I usually prescribe to the "no pain no gain" idea in regards to massage-- Amy has great pressure, I'm never sore from her massage, but I always leave feeling like a new person! Make an appointment now! She's the greatest!"

Lauren Duerksen

"It was a very relaxing massage and all my knots were gone. Definitely recommend this place uf you have any tightness."

Rami S

Great experience highly recommend
"The massage I got from Amy was truly incredible. Got to my problem areas and had I had no reservations letting her do her thing. Looking forward to another massage soon!"

Will M

Wonderful experience!
"Amy was so professional, approachable and gentle. We discussed my problem areas and she did a great job fulfilling what I came in for. I highly recommend Amy's services!"

Michelle Symons

Amazing experience!
"Amy met me on time in a very clean, professional location. She greeted me with a smile, and put me at ease immediately! She took the time to discuss me and my needs, and then seemed to intuitively know what I needed and where for the full 2 hours. She only spoke twice once she started to guide my positioning, and was very quiet in her movements. Her touch was gentle when needed, and strong when needed. I left feeling better than I had in a very long time! I highly recommend her services!"


Great job!
"Amazing!!! She really was professional and nice too! I would totally recommend her!!! I will be back!!!"

Jayson Murphy

"Such a wonderful experience. Amy gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. She was perfect mix of firm yet gentle. I can't wait to go back! Highly recommended!!"

Amy Vickers

Great new way to get a massage!
"Amy is a great licensed massage therapist who knows her stuff! I get a LOT of massages, and am always pleasently surprised to find one that delivers a new and unique experience that really helps heal. Her Ashiatsu style (using feet for a deep tissue massage with long strokes is incredible! She is able to dig in with strong legs but it doesn't hurt as deep tissue can at times. She is also very in tune and found and healed my knots. THANKS for a great massage Amy!"

Ron T

Absolutely Amazing
"I have never felt so relaxed as when I visited Amy. She was wonderful and calming and I left feeling giddy. I explained the issues I had and intermittent pain I felt, and I could tell she paid particular attention to those areas, while still paying attention to me overall. I will go back for sure!"

Amanda M

"AWESOMENESS TO THE THIRD POWER The experience was wonderful. Amy was and is very attentive and aware. Even before her masterful work, you're immediately relaxed in her presence."

Armand Daigle

I cant even....
"This may have been the best most relaxing massage...EVER! My muscles literally felt like play dough, like they weren't even a part of me anymore. Training for a half marathon and feeling achy and crampy in the legs and after one massage that was mostly alleviated and it was all enjoyable. Previous massages by previous masseurs have left me sore and bruised but I never felt so relaxed during a deep tissue. I will definitely go back to Amy, she is amazing :) "

Amy H

Wonderful massage
"I came to Amy after a bike wreck. She was able to fit me in right away and the massage was tremendously healing. I have received countless massages and this was certainly one of the best ever. She put me to sleep on the table! Thank you!"


"Amy is gifted, she listens and takes great care in her work. I have referred her to friend and will continue to do so. "


"Amy is incredibly intuitive and caring in her massage. An overall wonderful experience whether you need to work out some kinks or need to unwind. "

Sabrina W

"I had an amazing experience. Transcendent even. I left feeling completely rejuvenated. Amy is a wonderful lady."


Prenatal Massage
"Got a prenatal massage at 38 weeks pregnant. Amy did a lovely job. I felt so relaxed after and all my sore muscles were feeling good. It was amazing. "

Kristi H

60 min massage
"Came in with a long injury to my hamstring and after an hour with Amy I feel like a new woman! She listened to everything I told her about it and customized the massage just for me. Best massage I've ever had"

Carmen B

"Amy did an excellent job. OMG - the foot portion of the massage was wonderful, not forceful but felt great. I'll go again soon to get more of the creeky muscles worked on."

Jerome C

Great massage!
"I have been to many different practitioners for massage, and other types of body work, and I will definitely go back to kneading bodies. Amy was able to do deep tissue work in a gentle but firm way that was just what I needed. "